Manhole Odor Eliminator - Installed

About Us

Inventive Resources Inc. (IRI), was founded by, John A. Paoluccio, a Mechanical Engineer in 1984 to develop and manufacture its patented environmental products and technologies to deal with air, water, and oil contamination and pollution. This resulted in US Patents being issued and products developed for Contamination Control for Engines, SEAL’N’DRY® Hydraulic oil protection systems, and the Expansion Coalescing Silencer Filter System.

Other products and technologies include the Manhole Odor Eliminator, Water Decontaminator, and CNFbiofuel a renewable energy fuel processing system. Click here to see the IRI website.

OILN2 is the latest and most complete IRI product that utilizes new and improved technology to not only keep oil clean and dry but to remove the oxygen to prevent oxidation of the oil. This latest technology can greatly extend hydraulic equipment life and greatly reduce oil and filter changes.  

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