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OILN2 a sustainable add-on oil protection apparatus.

OILN2 converts hydraulic oil reservoirs from “open” breather vent systems to “closed” systems with an expandable bladder that acts like a lung keeping the internal air chamber sealed. The conduction rod and associated cartridge attracts and captures internal oxygen and water. As the oxygen is depleted the inert dry nitrogen gas concentration increases and blankets and protects the oil from oxidation. This results in clean dry oil making frequent oil and filter changes a thing of the past.

  • Sealing the system “closed” keeps out all the airborne contaminants.
  • It alters the internal environment to a clean dry nitrogen filled state.
  • No more frequent oil changes.
  • No more frequent filter changes.
  • Less downtime.
  • Less operating and maintenance costs.
  • Equipment life is extended.

OILN2 is ideal as a protector from:

  • High humidity areas.
  • Dusty and dirty conditions.
  • Wash-down areas.


For hydraulic oil systems. Patented and patent pending.
Covers oil surface with nitrogen – helps prevent oil oxidation.

Converts “OPEN” Systems into “CLOSED” nitrogen filled Systems.OilN2

  • Extends life of oil, filters and equipment.
  • Prevents oil oxidation.
  • Prevents outside ingression
  • Converts system to “Closed”
  • Protects environment.
  • Simple - one connection.
  • Low cost.

    Typical pay back -

OILN2 installs at the breather port and alters and maintains the interior environment to create a clean, dry, high nitrogen concentration environment. An internal conduction rod and cartridge attracts and captures oxygen and water and alters the interior environment to a high nitrogen concentration. Reduces oxidation of the oil with all the sludge and damaging corrosive action that causes downtime and shortens equipment life.


  • Oxidation of oil
  • Free water problems
  • Emulsified water
  • Condensation
  • Contaminated oil
  • Sludge and corrosion
  • High wear and tear
  • Frequent oil & filter changes
  • High O & M costs
  • Downtime and system failure
  • Environmental pollution

Hydraulic reservoirs, Gear boxes, Presses, Oil and lubrication tanks. Vehicles – Auto’s & trucks,
Cranes, Lifts and earth moving equipment, Industrial, Factories, Manufacturing,
Processing equipment, and Robotics, Marine, Mining, Military, Transformers, Windmills

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